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Pastor Seredynskiy Mykola Maksymovych

I was born in the village Novyy Oleksynets, Kremenets area, in the year 1959 in the Orthodox family.  I grew up as all other children in that atheistic time.  When I was 12, my mother went to the evangelistic service.  It was held in the house of believers because there was no House of Prayer in our village.  Later my mother came to God.

 I graduated from school and entered the college in Borshchiv city.  My life was going on as with most young people of that time: wine, gambling. When I was the fourth course student, God spoke to my heart.  One day when I came home, one believing sister visited us and my mother told me: Son, we will pray.  I was ashamed to leave the house, so just asked if it would be long.  Mother said that no and I knelt down with them.  When they started praying, God touched my heart and at that moment I repented in all my sins before Him.

 After that, when I returned back to college, my friends (we lived in a hostel) asked: What happened to you? You are not the same as before. I told them about my repentance.  They laughed at me but since then I was not the one they knew.  I started reading the Bible, attending the church and later began preaching.

 After college I was called up to the army service.  That was a testing time for me because in the army I did not take the oath.  But there, during those hard times in the army the Lords hand was over me and I felt great joy and Gods blessing.

 In the year 1991 brother Jack Hunka from Canada came to Ternopil Pentecostal church.  He founded the Bible Seminary where I began studying.  We studied after work in the evening time.  While studying, I understood God more and more.  Those were unforgettable years.  We were taught by the teachers from Canada and USA.  This study at the Seminary encouraged me to the work on the Gods fields.

 Having graduated from the Bible Seminary I began going to the church in Hrymailiv town and for 12 years already I have been pastoring that church.  In the year 2001 we started Evangelical church in Khorostkiv where we go every Sunday after morning service in Hrymailiv.

 I have a wife and three children.  The oldest daughter Inna is a Sunday school teacher at our church.  I believe that God has a special plan for saving sinners in these towns and He wants to use us, people, for this work.  I rejoice for the Seminary, that I had opportunity to study there and for the students who study there now.  I thank the Lord for brother Jack Hunka and sister Katrina that they continue encouraging our youth for the ministry to God.

 There are a lot of young students at the Seminary now and youth is our future pastors, preachers, Sunday school teachers and missionaries. With the help of sister Katrina were started womens ministries.  God wants to use sisters for the work in His vineyard. 

 I wish Lords blessing for us all and inspiration in ministering to people who are still far away from God.



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