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Ternopil Biblical Seminary was founded  by Dr. Jack V. Hunka and pastor Dr. Fedir Mikhailovich Verbitskiy in May 1990.

In May 1990 Jack Hunka with his wife and Lennon Johansson were in Ukraine for three weeks, ministering in various churches.  The pastor of the First Pentecostal Church in Ternopil, Fedir Mikhailovich Verbitskiy asked them to start a seminary.  At that time, circumstances did not allow it to begin, but when Jack came back to Canada, God spoke to him, showing him how to start the seminary in Ternopil.

Classes began in January 1991, in the great basement hall of the church on  Kvitova 19 Street.  In the first couple of days there were around 180 students in class.  Classes were held for almost four hours each evening.   At the first graduation 48 people graduated.. From that time our school has graduated more than 100 students. Many of them are now leading ministry in the churches of Ukraine and Russia.  Some of them have started new churches.

Since the Euro-Asian Accreditation Association began, our seminary has been a member. The Board of Trustees governs the seminary.  The Head of the Board of Trustees is Dr. Jack Hunka.

In January 2002 the seminary was registered by the Ternopil Regional Union of Pentecostal churches. Since May 12, 2003, the seminary started an extension form of studies, otherwise known as “zaochno.” In 2005 the Seminary began a Faculty of Christian Education in addition to the Faculty of Christian Ministry.  So, at this time it functions on a “zaochno” basis, each class of students attending four times a year, one full week of 6 days each time.  There are two programs: “Christian Ministry (pastor)” and “Christian Education” each leading to a two-year diploma; and a five year Bachelor’s Degree “Bachelor of Christian (Pastoral) ministry” and “Bachelor of Christian Education” degree.

The teachers of the seminary are qualified through bachelor and master degrees from Ukraine and other countries.  During the life of the seminary, there have been approximately 50 teachers participating in the education of our students.  Among them were:  Jack Hunka, Ron Steinbrenner, Albert Verbitsky, Jerry Scolamiro, Paul Sheppard, Mel Jenkins, Catherine Humeniuk, Anatoly Klinovskiy, Charles Warner and others.



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